June 2021

1st Gearing up for shakes.
2nd Training for exam support.
3rd Starting to drop a few numbers on the scale.
4th Really want pizza.
5th Checking out a finished garden project.
6th Getting up early tomorrow and need to be ready for it.
7th A day running the floor helping with exams.
8th A slower day helping at exams.
9th Crazy in the morning and calming down in the moddle of the day.
10th Getting into a new broker.
11th Last day of exams.
12th Relaxing.
13th A cold day in the park having lunch with the family.
14th Really want to tuck into some junk food right now.
15th Going to be tough over the next week or so.
16th IBKR is taking a while to setup.
17th All setup and learing the new platform.
18th Messed up a bit and bought a put instead of selling one. No biggie all part of the learning process.
19th Too sore to do much today.
20th A day at Burnley pulling down the rest of the garden platform.
21st Don't wont to be here.
22nd First put sell, uwmc.
23rd Start of a new journey.
24th Wish I was there to help.
25th Visiting in the hospital.
26th Erryn home again.
27th Relaxing and trying to stay comfortable.
28th Need to get a new photo of the rack.
29th Really want to get new switches.
30th Looking at a load balancer.
Powered by: the heat in the kitchen