May 2019

1st Another user to Plex.
2nd Time to reconfig the network?
3rd Some people really need to listen and think about their requests.
4th Time to get an SSD into the Desktop?
5th Relaxing and not doing much.
6th Putting in the new 500GB SSD.
7th Transfering data files to the new drive.
8th Tweaking hear and there and Plex seems quicker.
9th And of course I find out move about NVMe and wonder if that is a better way to go.
10th More research into faster drives.
11th Relaxing.
12th Catching up with the family for brunch.
13th A few hundred GB to download the Computer Chronicles.
14th Time for an upgrade and to move the transcoding to a RAM Disk.
15th Missed a meeting and getting a slap on the wrist for it.
16th Ordering 2x8GB RAM modules to replace the 2x4GB. Looking forward to see how this goes.
17th 2 sticks to play with and setup a RAM Disk.
18th A kinda busy day with a few calls.
19th Quiet today and relaxing.
20th Starting to get a bit better at work with the calls getting back a managable level.
21st And it gets busy again.
22nd A coule of hundred GBs in some classic shows.
23rd .
24th .
25th .
26th .
27th .
28th .
29th .
30th .
Powered by: those things on trucks that go "beep beep beep" when they are reversing
Have lost 74 kgs so far.