August 2019

1st Updating the new wine page with different views of the wine lists.
2nd Putting together the new wine rack.
3rd Shopping for arts and craft items.
4th Sorting out the new wine rack.
5th Lots and lots of learning.
6th Three new movies to watch, Somm, Somm: Into the Bottle and Somm 3.
7th Working at the Alfred for the day then helping Addie to play with trains and colour in books.
8th Ordering a largish pack from Wine Folly.
9th Really need to clean the place up.
10th Starting to read the WSET2 book.
11th Relaxing and reading.
12th Need to fill the empty spots in the wine rack.
13th Taking care of Erryn.
14th Need to organise the new bottles.
15th Should be at home resting, back is way too sore today.
16th Tidying up the desk at work.
17th Finally getting around to bolting down the shed.
18th A Bunnings run to get 2 shelves for the shed.
19th Slowly getting through the wine lessons.
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Have lost 73 kgs so far.