April 2019

1st It takes a lot of patience with some of these calls.
2nd A busy day not taking calls.
3rd Tired today.
4th More holes in walls, this time putting up a wall boar in the office.
5th Slowly geting my head around 3D stuff
6th Learning and researching circular saws.
7th Finally after way too long getting a few more things around the house fixed.
8th clara.io is a nice online 3D tool to use.
9th And the 3D print needs to be edited, the learning still goes on.
10th This stuff is way too confusing.
11th Missing Erryn. a long week of being ships in the night.
12th Bunning run to get a small amount of supplies to build a couple of more shelves.
13th New shelves for the desk.
14th More 3D printing and having the family ofer for dinner.
15th Upgrading on the of the 6TB drives in Lexx for a new 12TB version.
16th DNS and ICMP broken on Lexx.
17th Moving servers to Zev.
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Have lost 75.1 kgs so far.